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Community Paramedicine Program (Health Care Providers)
Organization: Peterborough County - Paramedics
Description: If you are a Health Care Provider, you can submit a referral to help your patient stay well at home.

Community Paramedics can provide the following:
• 24/7 non-emergency contact: assessments under medical supervision or treatment of minor conditions (e.g. falls, lacerations, bruises).
• Responding to changing circumstances or medical conditions and connecting to the right health care provider/social services to avoid escalation and crisis.
• Remote patient monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood glucose, weight, and/or temperature. All required equipment will be provided and the patient will be trained by the CP before using.
• Immunization, vaccination and other injections (e.g. tetanus).
• Clinical Interventions such as diagnostics (specimen collections, 12/15 lead ECGs, vital signs), immunizations, vaccinations, minor wound care, coordination of community services, observational and focussed assessments.
• Other controlled medical procedures and treatments at home under appropriate medical supervision

Please note, this program does not duplicate other referral pathways already in place within our healthcare system.

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