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Registered Dietitian Consultation
Organization: Seaway Valley Community Health Centre
Description: Seaway Valley Community Health Centre has two Registered Dietitians who work alongside our primary care team and with family physician offices throughout Cornwall and SD&G. Our dietitians work with you to provide advice that suits your unique lifestyle, including cultural food traditions, budget, food skills, personal needs and challenges, and health conditions. They help you understand the connection between food and health, and work with you to embrace and enjoy all that food has to offer.
Please note: we do not offer Diabetes education

Our dietitians provide a wide range of counseling services including:
- Nutrition across the lifespan (from infancy to older adult care)
- Heart health (high cholesterol, high blood pressure)
- Chronic disease (e.g., kidney, liver, cancer, osteoporosis)
- Digestive issues including irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, diverticular disease, celiac disease, and food allergies/intolerances
- Addressing weight concerns and disordered eating patterns
- … and much more!

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    Registered Dietitian Consultation
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